Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kafer Racer

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The Volkswagen Käfer Racer (with “Käfer” pronounced as “Kaefer”, meaning “beetle” in German) is an original Hot Wheels model that is based on a Volkswagen Beetle. The Käfer Racer appears to have been inspired by a VW Beetle Super Saloon and the VWs competing in the Fun Cup. The first release was inspired by the Porsche 935/78-81 ‘Moby Dick’ sponsored by Momo and driven by Gianpiero Moretti in the IMSA GT series in the early 1980s The car has downforce tunnels at the bottom of the Beetle, a V8 engine with two protruding exhaust pipes and an air intake on the roof.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Kafer Racer serie contured 5/5 rojo oscuro líneas blancas, logotipo de Volkswagen, “44” en los costados, diseño de bandera a cuadros chassis color cobre ventanas oscuras interior negro aros cromados dorado

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