Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover

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Is a car-sized unmanned rover designed to explore and examine the Gale crater on Mars. Launched on 26 November 2011 from Cape Canaveral, Curiosity touched down on Mars on 6 August 2012 for the start of its two year mission which was subsequently extended indefinitely. Curiosity remains active as of May 2021, and formed the basis for Perseverance, which sports a similar design but was moderately upgraded with new equipment; Perseverance is intended to explore the Jezero crater.

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hot wheels mars perseverance rover serie Hw space color blanco  en dorado, y plateado, logotipo de la NASA en la parte delantera chassis trasparente, interior blanco aros gris

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hot wheels mars perseverance rover Hw space series white in gold and silver, NASA logo on the front transparent chassis, white interior gray rims original imported product

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