Hot Wheels Custom 70 Honda N600

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The Honda N600 is a scaled-up version of the Honda N360, a small front-wheel drive city car built to comply with Japan’s kei car regulations. This casting represents a highly modified N600 intended for racing. This casting was designed by Ryu Asada with the help of Tim Mings of Merciless Mings, a restoration shop specializing in Honda’s N and Z cars. Honda’s small two-door N600 sedan had a 600 cc alloy engine giving it a top speed of 81 mph. The N600 occupies a distinctive place in the history of the Honda Motor Company, as it became the first Honda automobile officially exported to the United States.

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Hot Wheels Custom 70 Honda N600 serie compact kings 4/5 color blanco faros delanteros y luces traseras detallados, “RYU” en la parte trasera chassis cromado ventanas claras interior negro aros gris

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