Hot Wheels Barbie Extra

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This casting is a rendition of a sports car which a Barbie Extra doll can be packaged with as part of a larger bundle. It features a mid-engine design and scissor doors shaped like wings. A life-sized version based on the Fiat 500e debuted at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, unveiled and presented by Ted Wu; this life-size version of the car was largely hand-built and is fully-functional. This car does not have an official name and is simply referred to as the Barbie Extra Car by Wu during his presentation during its life-sized version’s unveiling and the Barbie Extra Vehicle in the toy’s listing on the Mattel website.

The sports car was originally designed by Judy Choi, a designer in Mattel’s Barbie division; Kevin Cao later took the design and recreated it in various scales, including this model. The hood opens to act as a fashion closet and storage cubby while the rear portion where the engine would be is a miniature swimming pool for a pet. The life-sized car features rainbow-colored five-spoke rims, a holographic glittery finish and synthetic fuzz on the seat headrests. For its size the casting is notably very heavy with a centered weight distribution.

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Hot Wheels Barbie Extra serie tooned 134/259 color metalflake Grisáceo-Plata faros delanteros y traseros en forma de estrella logotipo de Barbie Extra en el capó y en la parte trasera ventanas transparente azul interior rosado fuerte aros cromados purpura.

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